VS L4 Advanced Bicep Bodyboard Leash




VS L4 Advanced Bicep Bodyboard Leash

The VS L4 Advanced Bicep Bodyboard Leash gives you advanced tech for high performance boarding. The urethane in the cord is high quality BASF, non-absorbent and heavy duty. It gives great stretch, strength and resilience. So it returns to its original shape quickly. Along with it’s thicker 9mm diameter this means your cord will last longer, in heavier waves, and return your board too you perfectly.

Another great feature are the dual swivels. These are stainless steel so remain spinning fast and free. Being at both ends they keep your leash tangle free so it’s always in its best natural state to give you a great response. Tangling and kinking that can interrupt your paddling and big moves are eliminated. The VS L4 Advanced Bicep Bodyboard Leash is one of the best leashes in Australia.

Bicep Performance

The VS L4 Bicep Leash has a bicep fitting. This position on your upper arm is preferred by a lot of riders. It keeps the leash out of your way when paddling. The bicep cuff is 10cm in size so it’s not too skinny so as to be tight. The cuff has generous double comfy neoprene padding.

A key feature is the plastic pull tab. This is easy grab so you can get your leash off with a single tug. This ease of access is great day-to-day and important if you ever need to get free of your leash if tangled with another surfer or in a danger situation. Check our full range of Bodyboard Leashes at Manly Surfboards>Bodyboard Leash



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