VS Board Sock




VS Board Sock

The VS Board Sock gives you a great first line of protection for your Bodyboard. If you’re only travelling locally, getting your board to and from the surf, this is a great way to keep your board safe and looking good. The fabric protects from odd bumps and dings and scratches on your slick. It’s also great for keeping your board’s performance optimal.

The sock prevents the attachment of unwanted material. For example when you and your mate’s boards are all thrown in the back of your car wax will get on your slick slowing you down. The Sock has a great flex so will expand to fit any size board then go snug so there’s no excess flapping around getting in your way.

The VS Board Sock has a special panel on the highly vulnerable nose area. This is heavy duty 600D poly so it’s strong enough to ward off dings. The rear has a draw string closure. You pull it and your board closes. This means you can easily stash other gear in there. So your wetsuit, towel, grab bag can all be safely enclosed.

Lightweight means you’re not carrying anything extra while giving your board protection. Check our full range of Bodyboard Bags at Manly Surfboards>Bodyboard Bags


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