Superbrand Toy Surfboard Futures




SUPERBRAND Toy Surfboard

The SUPERBRAND Toy Surfboard will give you super fun grovelling small waves and charging performance waves. The Toy has a low entry rocker so speed is immediately noticeable in its ease of catching waves and on the wave. The fuller nose and overall wider outline provides great planning across fatter and flatter sections. It also helps you make the most use of sucky sections when available. A hip reduces this width at the tail so you can plant your foot squirting turns. The rails are fuller and soft so you get forgiveness and and can really plant the board for bigger turns. This forgiveness is very helpful as you try out new and bigger moves to progress your surfing.

A subtle single into double concave gives you speed but in a refined stable manner. The SUPERBRAND Toy is recommended 1-3 inches short and half and inch or more wider than your standard shortboard. It comes with options of a tri or five fin box setup, and as a squash-square, swallow or round tail.


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