Sunride Surfboard Mal Epoxy Blue Red White




Sunride Surfboard Mal Epoxy Blue Red White

The Sunride Surfboard Mal Epoxy Blue Red White is part of the Sunride fun classic range. It covers board sizes from mini-mal through to longboard so there’s one perfect for you. As a first fibreglass board,  it’s a great choice. It will take you all the way from fun getting to your feet to classic styling moves. The Sunride design incorporates a great range of features. In the plan shape the nose is fuller so you get ease of paddling. There’s ample nose rocker so plenty of forgiveness preventing nose dives. The width of the nose is carried through the middle of the board. So you get great stability, great for your take off, getting to your feet and riding the wave. The rails are fuller and softly rounded so the board won’t catch as you’re pushing into those turns.

The Sunride features FCS Original fin system setup so you’ll be able to change the performance of the board. So you can used different fins for different conditions, small or big days. Construction is that of epoxy so  you get lightweight, strength and performance. There’s a wide size range from mini-mal to longboard so you’re sure to find one perfect for your surfing. One to fit in your car or on it.

The Sunride Surfboard Mal gives you fun all the way through to classic style and moves. It has the features to take you from where you are now to where you want to go. You’ll be doing more turns, having more fun, with a classic design.  A FREE set of genuine FCS fins is included.


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