Sunny Life Kids Ride With Me Surfboard Float




Sunny Life Kids Ride With Me Surfboard Float

The Sunny Life Kids Ride With Me Surfboard Float is a super fun inflatable board for your kids. It’s not a hard core surfboard to be used in powerful waves. It’s a fun float to use in the pool or on flat water. The float has a surfboard outline with eyes and a grin so looks cool.

It even has two fins that inflate so adding to its fun design. The inside of the board consists of inflatable cells. So as you put air in, the cells expand to give you a great floating thickness of 30cm. There’s heaps of buoyancy to support one or several kids.

The Sunny Life Kids Ride With Me Board Float has a generous size of 150cm length, 50cm width and 30cm thickness. The colour is silver with a bright orange and white artwork splat. It is not a safety device. However it can float kids. It’s softness makes it safe against bumps, much safer than a fiberglass surfboard or even a Softboard.

The construction is of tough non-toxic Phthalate free PVC. That being said there’s also a repair patch kit in the case of punctures. The board is super lightweight and fun. When uninflated its small, easy to throw in your car or store away. Check our full range of Beach Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Beach Accessories

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