Sunny Life Adults Inflatable Summer Corn Hole Neon




Sunny Life Adults Inflatable Summer Corn Hole Neon

The Sunny Life Adults Inflatable Summer Corn Hole Neon is an inflatable beach game. It’s played by throwing small inflatable bags into a large inflatable rectangle. This rectangle is called a corn hole and it has inset holes with number values associated with them. So one hole has a 10 point value, another 20 and the other 30.

The idea is that you inflate the corn hole and so let it float on the water. This can be in a pool or area of flat water. You then throw the bags trying to get them into the holes to score the highest points.

Depending on the day, the amount of wind and water movement, and how you like to play you can let the corn hole float around on the current. So the fun is in trying to get the your bag in the highest score holes. There’s ways to increase fun, increasing the difficulty, so you can take a step back with every successful throw getting farther away.

Summer Fun

The Sunny Life Adults Inflatable Summer CornHole Neon comes in a very bright transparent orange neon colour with white highlights. It has the colour of summer so just looking at it conjures up the image of summer fun. Accompanying the great look is a construction of tough non-toxic Phthalate free PVC. This is a soft durable material that once inflated holds its shape.

If needed there’s also a repair patch kit in the case of punctures. If you’ve been wanting something to bring you, your partner, mates or family together, this is a great beach game. This is not a floatation or safety device.  Check our full range of Beach Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Beach Accessories


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