Sunny Life Adults Float Away Lie On Surfboard




Sunny Life Adults Float Away Lie On Surfboard

The Sunny Life Adults Float Away Lie On Surfboard is a fun inflatable surfboard. It’s not a hard core surfboard to be used in powerful waves. What it is, is a great fun way to float around on flatwater and catch some easy ripples. The float has a surfboard outline with a full rounded nose and pulled in tail. It even has a fin that inflates.

The inside of the board consists of inflatable cells. So as you put air in the cells expand to give you a great floating thickness of 18cm. Once inflated the ideal use is to find some flat water so you can have fun lying on the board or catching some very easy rollers.

Generous Size

The Sunny Life Adults Float Away Lie On Surfboard has a generous size of 210cm length, 62cm width and 18cm thickness. This is nearly 7′ long and over 24inches wide. It’s colour are orange, melon and apricot tones with white highlights so it’s the perfect fun accompaniment to your beach gear. It is not a safety device.

However it can float everyone from several kids to adults. It’s softness makes it safe against bumps, much safer than a fiberglass surfboard or even a Softboard. The construction is of tough non-toxic Phthalate free PVC. That being said there’s also a repair patch kit in the case of punctures.

If you’ve been wanting something to conjure up the surfing image but is super easy to transport and will give great fun to you, your partner, mates or family, this is it. Check our full range of Beach Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Beach Accessories






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