Softlite Classic Softboard




Softlite Classic Softboard

To take that first step into the surf, to catch that first wave, the Softlite Classic softboard is great. The design of the Classic makes it easy to get started on, being fun and forgiving. It has a fuller shape at the nose so its easy to paddle onto waves. The fuller tail provides speed in the foam and on smaller waves. For strength, the Classic has a double reinforced stringer. This helps the board keep its shape on the wave and prevents buckling on bigger wipeouts. It also provides more durability over other softboards. Based on a hand-made template the Classic has been designed so a beginner will have fun across the wide range of starting surf conditions.

The Classic features a softer PE deck so there’s no harm from the odd bump. The deck is also free of fin plugs or screws so you won’t hit your toes or scuff your knees. It’s easy to wax.

Finally, everything you need and  all the great Softlite advanced features are incorporated in the Softlite Classic softboard. There’s the Xtra Duralinx Slick bottom, Edge Trim System, Exoskeletal Strength Membrane, leash plug, and a 3 pack of screw-in fins.


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