Softech Handshaped FCS II FB Softboard




Softech Handshaped FB Softboard

The Softech Handshaped FB Softboard is for Beginner surfers. This board is a hand shape by a master shaper. It’s got fullness in the shape making it stable, easy to get to your feet and easy to ride. It’s also thick so will float and paddle easily, what you need for catching waves. The shape is tucked in at the tail. So as you progress you can move back on the board and do turns. Construction is high quality and durable. The core is an EPS foam that is waterproof. So in the event the board does ding you won’t be taking on water. Two internal stringers reinforce this foam. These keep the board more rigid so that it won’t break in bigger waves. When you’re surfing the wave the stringers keep the board in a fast shape, not bending. Along with an installed leash plug the board includes FCS fin plugs and fins. This makes the board versatile as you can start with the included soft fins and upgrade to stiffer fins as you progress. This is a great starter board.


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