Slyde Bula Handboard




 Slyde Bula Handboard

The Slyde Bula Handboard gives you great bodysurfing with a Hawaiian pedigree. It’s crafted from foam so you get a shape with contours, vee and concave. This is not just a flat piece of wood. With these features you can perform on the wave similar to a surfboard. There’s rails, the sides aren’t just squared off out of a mould. So you get great feel and sensitivity to your trimming and changes of direction. The top is sculpted for your hand giving you a super comfortable surfing position and leverage. This leverage is noticeable as you sit up higher from where you can carve, drive and choose your path on the wave. The Slyde Bula Handboard foam also gives you volume so the board won’t sink under your weight. The more you push the more you get an incremental bite in the wave that you can control.

Power Charging

The Slyde Bula Hand Board is designed for charging heavy shorebreaks so won’t slide out under power. The diamond tail gives you great stability and speed in a straight line. Then when you want to draw a turn you can weight on the edge to charge left or right. The tail edge really helps you get your place on the wave. A heavy duty velcro strap keeps the Slyde Bula Hand Board attached to your hand. It fits snug and comfy for long periods swimming out through the break, catching waves and repeat. There’s also a plug for your leash. So risk of loss is reduced.

Another great feature is an additional plug for your GoPro mount. So you can capture all your action. A TPU high-pressure laminate gives super strength and light weight. The Slyde Bula Hand Board is great for charging. Check our full range of Surf Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Surf Accessories


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