Sin XCL Wayward Sunglasses




XCL Wayward Sunglasses

The Wayward Sunglasses are wrap around cool surf sunnies. Their style is sleek. Not only does this give you a cool look it also prevents entry of the sun’s rays. This is important as most sunglasses while protecting you from the front allow those rays to reach your eyes from the sides. A key feature of the XCL Wayward lenses is that the lenses are polarised. This is a great and advanced feature for viewing the surf. It means that glare coming from the water is not allowed to enter your lenses. Without this glare you can see the wave face better, see detail such as bump, lump and backwash. This clarity of vision will help you make better decisions regards where and when to surf. Polarised lenses also help you see into the water to check rock pools, fish and such.

The XCL Wayward Sunglasses are constructed of super light aerated PC material so they float and they’re very easy wearing. If you’re out on the water boating, SUPing or kayaking, if they fall off you can easily grab them as they won’t sink. These are a great pair of surf sunnies. Check the full range of frame and lens options at Manly Surfboards>Eyewear


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