Seacured Polyester Fibre UV Cure Kit




Seacured Polyester Fibre UV Cure Kit

The Seacured Polyester Fibre UV Cure Kit is a super handy solution for fixing dings and damage to your polyurethane surfboard. The tube of epoxy resin is small so easily stashed and it goes a long way. A big benefit is that the resin includes fibreglass fibres embedded in it. So you get extra strength when fixing. There’s no hassle. You simply squeeze the tube and the resin and glass fibres can easily be applied and spread over your ding. The resin is also UV sunlight activated so no extra chemicals or messy mixing is involved. You just squeeze, fill and smooth it over your ding, and expose to sunlight.

The Seacured Polyester Fibre UV Kit includes an applicator stick and sandpaper. This is another important feature. Sandpaper should be used to first tidy up the ding, removing any protruding or sharp sections. Then the area of and surrounding the ding needs to be roughened, otherwise there’s a chance the resin might not stick. Make sure that you don’t use Polyester resin on your epoxy board if there’s exposed foam as it will damage your board. It can be confusing but you are able to use epoxy resin on your PU board. So if you’re not sure use what type of board you have or what resin to use, use the epoxy resin. Check our full range of Surf Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Surf Accessories


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