Sea Cured Easy Grip Wax Comb




Sea Cured Easy Grip Wax Comb

The Sea Cured Easy Grip Wax Comb is specially designed to give you the best wax result. Taking on a small form factor it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand so that with minimum pressure your wax will be combed to a super grippy state. The teeth are deep so as not to get clogged with wax. On the perpendicular side there’s a wax remover soft blade. This soft blade will slide along your board’s deck removing old wax with minimum effort. On the other side is a curved hand-hold so it will fit snugly in your palm. If you need to apply pressure it won’t hurt your hand as there’s no sharp edges. A handy hole allows this wax comb to be easily attached to your key chain, surf bucket or towel.

While you need to have a block of wax always on hand, and sometimes several if you have changing seasons where you need warm and cool water wax, having a wax comb is great too. You don’t want to be waxing up every day as you’ll go through a lot of wax. Check the deck of your board for the areas that need a touch up, for example under your chest. Give those areas a generous rub but only give the rest of your deck a light dusting. You can use your wax comb then to freshen up and give your wax a great textured grippy feel. A great size the Sea Cured Comb is perfect. Check our full range of Surf Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Surf Accessories


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