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RinseKit Rinse Kit

The RinseKit Rinse Kit does exactly what it says, it provides a fantastic rinse and wash off. This go anywhere, do almost anything accessory consists of a high quality plastic container, hose and spray head. The secret is in the way it pressurises. You just add water out of a standard tap and once sealed the Rinse Kit sprays water! This is perfect for anywhere you need to shower after a surf, if a shower’s not close or there just isn’t one. It’s great for getting the sand off your board, your wettie or the kids. Not limited to surf, you can use it to wash down anything. Eating utensils when out camping, do a car or boat wash. You can use it anywhere and for anything you would use a hose. With a capacity of over 7.5 litres the RinseKit can deliver a spray for 3 minutes. There’s no batteries or pumping. Just connect the RinseKit with the included hose to your standard household type water tap with the included connector, fill, and its ready to go. The spray head has 7 different settings to change the water characteristics from general to targeted. There’s even a ruler to measure fish size and the lid is recommended to stand on to wash your feet clean. The RinseKit is a must have accessory.


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