Pyzel 74 Surfboard




Pyzel 74 Surfboard

The Pyzel 74 Surfboard is the surfboard of choice. Why? It’s the winner, chosen as the best board out of a ‘blind’ test of thirteen boards designed by the world’s best shapers. Dane Reynolds tested each surfboard, each completely white, blank, so there was no indication as to shaper or model. After grueling testing, the 74 came through the winner!

The result is not necessarily a surprise as the 74 is based on the board ridden by surfing’s hottest talent, World Champion John John Florence. John John’s favorite board, The Bastard, has a standard fuller outline with hip, single concave, and moderate-plus rocker. The 74 incorporates those features but is distinctive with a pulled-in nose. This reduction in nose area is a growing trend that helps you throw the board around, whipping in and out of turns. The 74 adds more foam under the chest which makes for better paddling and improved wave catching. The rails are refined, sensitive, and come from a flatter deck so it feels easier going rail to rail.

The 74 is a responsive, drivey board. It’s rated for 2-10′ excelling as the waves get around chest high, with power. So, the better the waves, the better you’ll perform on your 74.  Beach breaks point breaks, reefs, and down the line. The Pyzel 74 surfboard is the board to have for when it gets good so get one in your quiver.

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27.6L, 28.9L, 30.5L


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