Orca Womens Heatseeker Vest




Orca Womens Heatseeker Vest

The Orca Womens Heatseeker Vest gives your body warmth at its core. It’s great for swimming and your surfing. Designed as a no sleeve top it gives you extra warmth while not hindering your performance. There’s no arms. So you have complete freedom around your shoulders and underarms. This gives great power to your paddling and swimming stroke. You’re also not carrying any extra weight with long sleeves.

The body of the Orca Heatseeker Vest has an upright neck so you don’t get water flushing in. It’s also extra long in the waist so you get extra warmth and protection for your lower back and other vital organs. This in turn helps keep your whole body warm.

Construction of the Orca Womens Heatseeker Vest is 2mm neoprene. This is a great thickness. It’s thick enough to give you protection from the elements. It also has body too so won’t rip when you’re putting it on. It’s also thin, easily fitting and being unnoticeable under your wetsuit. There’s no feeling of extra weight or bulk associated with it.

Overall you get great performance with your body performing at its optimal warmth. There’s also no extra weight to slow you down. This is a great Wetsuit Accessory. Check our full range of Swimming Wetsuit Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Swimming Wetsuits


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