Orca Men’s Openwater Swim Gloves




Orca Men’s Openwater Swim Gloves

The Orca Men’s Openwater Swim Gloves are a great way to give yourself an edge in your swimming, snorkelling and in use with your wetsuits. They won’t enhance your speed as they’re not webbed. They will enhance your ability to get into and spend time in cold water. So they’ll motivate you to keep going for those early, late and cold water swims that you otherwise wouldn’t do. The gloves themselves are super light constructed of high quality neoprene. Special attention has been given to the Orca Men’s Openwater Gloves shape. Rather than being just flat neoprene put together the gloves have the shape of the fingers, palm shape and wrist all 3D moulded. So they slide on and give you perfect fit. These are a great wetsuit accessory.

Fully Sealed

Giving you next level quality and performance the Orca Men’s Openwater Gloves seams of the gloves are GBS, Glue and Blind Stitched. So this means that the seams are glued together. There’s stitching on the outside and no stitching on the inside. This gives water sealing so the gloves will keep your hands very warm. This also gives you comfort as the inside of the Orca Men’s

Openwater Gloves is super smooth. The stitching on the outside is also part of a soft seam design so it’s almost unnoticeable. To finish the glove the wrists are extra long. So you can tuck them right up under the sleeve of your wetsuits. It’s unlikely any water will enter and the small amount that might enter will be trapped and quickly warm. The Orca Men’s Openwater Swim Gloves are a great wetsuit accessory for your swimming. Check our full range of Swim Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Swim Accessories.


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