Orca Equip Womens Full Sleeve Swimming Wetsuit




Orca Equip Womens Full Sleeve Swimming Wetsuit

The Orca Equip Womens Full Sleeve Swimming Wetsuit gives you high tech, stylish and high performance swimming. It features Yamamoto Neoprene known as the world’s best. This gives you great warmth due to the neoprene’s high air cell density. This makes it extremely light, so you’re not carrying extra weight, and also extremely soft, so  you get a great fit. Great fit is vital in swimming wetsuits as with the suit hugging your body water entry is minimal. New high tech enhancements have include an SCS silicon coating. This greatly reduces your wetsuit’s resistance. So this hydrophilic treatment means that with each stroke you go farther, faster, without fatigue. The arms of the Orca Equip Womens Wetsuit are only 1.5mm neoprene giving you super flex. So you’re able to sustain a higher stroke rate. The inner Infinity Skin lining gives additional warmth without adding bulk.

Performance Edge

The Orca Equip Womens Full Sleeve Wetsuit neoprene adds buoyancy. This gives you a performance edge as no part of your body drags. It’s supported by the neoprene. While a swimming wetsuit you also get triathlon features such as the Hydrolite panels. These allow the suit to slip on and off very quickly. Great for quick transitions in competition or for getting quickly into and out of your suit before work and after your swim. The exterior of the Orca Equip Womens Swimming Wetsuit includes stylish graphics. Having all the tech advantages of a suit like this also give you a you a psychological advantage knowing that when you hit the water you’ll have the edge. The Orca brand is a leader in this field of swimming wetsuits. Check our full range of great Womens Swimming Wetsuits at Manly Surfboards>Swimming Wetsuits


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