Orca Adjustable Fit Visor




Orca Adjustable Fit Visor

The Orca Adjustable Fit Visor is a high performance training and competition aid. Unlike a hat there’s no top. This means your body heat is free to escape at the maximum rate keeping you cool and your body performing at its best. For a water and land workout the visor has a smaller, sleeker, profile. With no top there’s much less bulk so drag and water retention are greatly reduced. The construction features a mesh finish that gives super lightweight and quick drying. With an adjustable band you can get the fit perfect to keep your visor on and to use the band to stop sweat and water dripping into your eyes.

The Orca Adjustable Visor is lightweight. Once you get your fit right with the adjustable band you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing it. Where a cap or hat will start to add pressure around your temples and forehead the position of the visor stays secure without the weight and pressure. Even though the Orca Adjustable Visor is minimalist you still get good sun protection. The perfectly sized visor  protects from direct sunlight striking your nose and face. You don’t need to worry about getting the fit right as the adjustable band caters for all head sizes. Check our range of Swim Gear at Manly Surfboards>Swim Gear


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