Ocean & Earth Wetsuit Repair Kit


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Ocean & Earth Wetsuit Repair Kit

The Ocean & Earth Wetsuit Repair Kit gives you instant wetsuit repair. The kit includes industrial strength neoprene glue- wetsuit cement. This is a super thick and black and dries quickly. Applied as thick liquid, once dry it’s solid with flexibility like silicone. It can repair areas you thought you couldn’t repair. So it fills holes, weld rips and seams and provide a seal over stitching that’s coming apart. Worn areas can also be reinforced if it’s spread over them. Included is an iron-on neoprene patch. So even if your hole is substantial or your rip wide and irregular the patch when glued can provide a seal. Any hole or tear that you don’t think can be fixed, the Ocean & Earth Wetsuit Kit has a good chance of repairing. The best wetsuit repair kit Australia has.

The 30ml tube of Ocean & Earth Repair Kit repair cement goes a long way but make sure you keep it sealed tight. It has a tendency to dry quickly if left open. Included is an applicator that helps you spread the cement as needed. With the supplied patch you can iron-on or simply place the patch on the neoprene glue. Dimensions of the patch in the Ocean & Earth Wetsuit Kit are 150mm x 125mm so you can cover a pretty big area. You can also use parts of an old wetsuit for patching. Heat-shielding paper is provided and used with the iron-on patch. So the surrounding areas of your wetsuit don’t melt. The instruction sheet explains the steps on how you get a great wetsuit repair. To find out more on how Ocean & Earth can power your surfing check here: Ocean & Earth Complete Surfing


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