Ocean & Earth Watersports Bum Bag


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Ocean & Earth Watersports Bum Bag

The Ocean & Earth Watersports Bum Bag is a great accessory. It’s great for surfing, any water sport, and in fact great for any activity. It’s a Bum Bag that’s fully waterproof. Construction is of soft PVC so unlike other cheaper nylon bags this will easily fit against and mould to  your body so it’s comfortable.

A belt and quick release buckle secures the bag around your waist or over your shoulder. The PVC construction is waterproof and the bag seams receive special attention too with no stitching to come apart or leak.

So you can use the bag on your board, SUP, in the rain, or any place its wet. The Ocean & Earth Watersports Bum Bag size is a generous 220mm x 170mm so will fit your phone, credit cards and keys. The PVC will fold almost flat when not in use so the bag will stash easily.

The bag will keep your dry gear inside dry. It will also keep the wetness of wet gear inside too. For example the wetness of your wet swimming costume or rash vest will stay in the bag. This is a great versatile surf accessory for your active lifestyle. Check our full range of Surf Gear at Manly Surfboards>Surf Gear


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