Ocean & Earth Stacey Bullet Epoxy Soft Softboard




Ocean & Earth Stacey Bullet Epoxy Soft Softboard

The Ocean & Earth Stacey Bullet Epoxy Soft Softboard gives you fun through to performance surfing, for Groms, Beginners and Progressing surfers. The design takes the best features of a Twin Fin and Thruster and combines them with the easy riding and fun of a Softboard. So you’ll go fast on the wave, you’ll be making long rides, having heaps of fun.

Along with speed you get stability so you’ll easily be able to get to your feet and do turns. The overall shape is not too Beginner so the more you charge the more the board will give you good turns. You can do proper Thruster performance surfing on this board.

The Ocean & Earth Stacey Bullet Epoxy Softboard construction gives you many great features. It’s outer construction is like a bodyboard. There’s a soft textured deck so you get comfort while paddling and good traction. The bottom has an HDPE slick that’s like strong plastic giving you speed and durability.

The core of the board is EPS foam that gives you great floatation without making your board too thick so it doesn’t take away from the good surfing characteristics.

Internally there’s a stringer giving extra reinforcement making your board super strong. You get 3 fin boxes. So you can mix and match fins to give you the best surfing style in any conditions. Ocean & Earth is known for it’s great surf products and gives you a full 12 month warranty too. Check our full range of Softboards at Manly Surfboards>Softboards


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