Ocean & Earth Regular SUP Knee Longboard Coil Moulded Leash 10ft




Ocean & Earth Regular SUP Knee Longboard Coil Moulded Leash 10ft

The Ocean & Earth Regular SUP Longboard Coil Moulded Leash 10ft gives you safety and performance. It has a moulded stand-off horn coming out of the cuff and then a length of straight cord. This prevents the leash getting tangled around your feet. This aids your safety as tripping on your leash can lead to a bad accident. It also adds to your performance. With the leash out of your way you can easily swap stance and walk your board to surf your best. You also have the freedom of movement to position yourself just where you need. After the straight cord length there’s the coil section that goes to the rail saver. Although only taking up a small length you still get a lot a cord distance between you and your board when you do wipe out. Your board isn’t right there to hit you. Double stainless steel swivels keep the leash untangled. Ocean & Earth advise the leash is designed for flat water paddling so the leash will not be dragging in the water or getting caught under your fins. The leash can add a lot of drag if not managed properly. The ankle strap is 38mm in size with generous padding for comfort. The leash dimensions are 2′ 6″ when coiled, 10′ 3m length when extended. Diameter is 8mm. To find out more on how Ocean & Earth can power your surfing check here: Ocean & Earth Complete Surfing


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