Ocean & Earth Mens Poncho




Ocean & Earth Mens Hooded Poncho

The Ocean & Earth Mens Corp Hooded Poncho is a super comfy plush piece of surf gear. Construction is of natural cotton. So you get a super comfy velour finish. Soft to the touch, it goes on with a quick throw over your head so there’s no hassle. It’s perfect to cover up over your wetsuit, boardshorts, swimmers. You won’t be shivering or feeling the breeze. The interior has a towel finish so it really soaks up the water. The poncho covers from head with a hood to lower thigh. A kanga pocket is deep so great to hold your block of wax, keys, phone or keeping your hands warm.

Constructed of plush 340gsm cotton the Ocean & Earth Mens Hooded Poncho has a substantial feel. Fit is ample and generous with oversize arm openings so there’s plenty of freedom of movement. A poncho is a must have item for your surf wear. It gives you great protection from the elements, either the sun, wind and rain, and cold. To find out more on how Ocean & Earth can power your surfing check here: Ocean & Earth Complete Surfing.

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