OAM Regular 6′ Leash




OAM Regular 6′ Leash

The OAM Regular 6′ Leash gives you great features in a value package leg rope and surf accessory. Suited to your shortboard it features a Stress Relief Moulded Cord End. This gives extra support to the area that’s most likely to break, where the cord joins the ankle strap. A Moulded Stand Off keeps the leash sticking out from your ankle. So  your surfing is unobstructed. When you’re taking critical drops or on the wave the OAM Regular 6′ Leash cord won’t be under your feet.

High quality stainless steel swivels are incorporated at both ends of the OAM Regular 6′ Leash. Being corrosion resistant these keep your leash turning and moving freely. So it doesn’t snake up or twist. This is an important feature as it helps prevent the cord from snagging around your fins so your board doesn’t slow down or catch. The OAM Regular 6′ Legrope ankle cuff is super soft and flexible with comfy double layered neoprene. There’s also a rider designed Easy Grab Pull so it’s easy to get on  and off. The leg rope Rail Saver is easily detachable too. Included is a Key Pocket. The OAM Regular 6′ Leg Rope is constructed from quality components. It comes with a 2 year surf accessory warranty. Check our full range of Leg Ropes at Manly Surfboards>Leg Ropes


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