NSP Elements HDT Fun Mini-Mal Surfboard




NSP Elements HDT Fun Mini-Mal Surfboard

The NSP 06 Elements HDT Fun Mini-Mal Surfboard gives you great fun. It’s just the right size to get you surfing fast. So it’s not too long, heavy and unwieldy like a Longboard. Not too hard to paddle and catch waves like a Shortboard. The fullness in the shape gets you paddling out the back fast. Catching waves is easy and once on the wave you get great glide and flow. You can turn and trim like a Longboard, getting speed down the line. As it’s shorter you can also push into turns. The classic rounded pin tail gives you bite and hold for big changes of direction. Soft rails mean you won’t catch in a bumpy wave.

The NSP Elements HDT Fun Mini-Mal Surfboard 3 fin plug system is included. In this way you’ll be able to change the performance of the board. You can use high performance fins for bigger turns, or softer fins for a cruising ride. Construction is of NSP’s high end technology so it’s light and feels high performance. NSP claim their vacuum moulding around a foam core is eco-friendly and the epoxy outer has a range of finishes. The deck is matt-finished so you get traction and easy waxing. The bottom has a performance speed-finish so you get speed. The NSP 06 Elements HDT Fun Mini-Mal Surfboard is perfect to start and progress your surfing in a durable high tech fun package. Check our range of Fun Mini- Mals at Manly Surfboards>Mini-Mals


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