NSP 05 Elements Fun Mini-Mal Surfboard




NSP 05 Elements Fun Mini-Mal Surfboard

The NSP 05 Elements Fun Mini-Mal Surfboard is all about fun. It’s just the right size to rapidly progress your surfing. Not too long, heavy and unwieldy like a longboard. Not too hard to paddle and catch waves like a shortboard. The mini-mal design has a mid rocker so you can catch waves easily and do turns easily. The fuller nose makes for easier paddling and added momentum to help getting onto waves. Once on the wave you can easily turn and carve. Or you can trim and cruise like on a longboard, getting speed down the line. The rails are soft and tucked under so plenty of forgiveness helping you ease through bumps without catching. The tail finishes with a classic rounded pin so you get stability and hold. The board comes with the FCS Original fin system. So you’ll be able to change the performance of the board with different fins and fin combinations. You can set it up for for small or big days. Construction is of NSP’s highend technology so it’s light. NSP claim eco-friendly vacuum moulding around a foam core and the epoxy outer gives you a range of finishes. The deck is matt-finished. So you get more traction and easy waxing. The rails are hand polished so  you get speed. The bottom has a performance speed-finish. The NSP 05 Elements Fun Mini-Mal Surfboard is perfect to start and progress your surfing in a durable high tech fun package.


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