NMD Neoprene Socks




NMD Neoprene Socks

The NMD Neoprene Socks give you great bodyboarding and surf time. The way they do this is by keeping your feet safe, snug and comfy. The more comfortable you are the longer you can stay boarding and focus on your big moves. The Socks are made from neoprene the same material as your wetsuit.

This soft feel, while having substance, encompasses the front of your foot. So when your toes are inside your fins they’ve got a level of protection. They’re not being rubbed on by the fin rubber. They can move around maintaining circulation. The NMD Neoprene Socks are great for boarding in Australia.

On the back of your ankle the NMD Neoprene Sock has wide coverage. So your fin strap won’t bite into your skin. This gives great protection in one of the areas most prone to rash and blistering. The Socks have all edges fully stitched giving them a durable long wearing finish. The bottom of each sock also has a shark skin dobby high traction texture.

This texture also provides protection from rocks, sand and sharp objects if you take a few steps while getting your fins on. These are a great way to stay comfy and extend your bodyboarding time. Check our full range of Bodyboard Fins and Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Bodyboard Fins


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