Nalu Thrasher Softboard




Nalu Thrasher Softboard

The Nalu Thrasher Softboard is a great Beginner board offering progression. Coming in the perfect size range and with a soft finish this board is easy to get around on in the surf. If there’s a bump the board is soft. The slick, like a bodyboards, makes the Thrasher fast. So it’s fast for paddling, making it easier to catch waves. The wider mid section gives stability so it’s easy to stand on. Three plastic fins increase safety. They also help give the board more of the feel of a proper thruster surfboard so helping you progress cutting across the wave and doing turns. The drawn in tail also helps with turns. Construction is of 100% waterproof EPS core with a durable PE soft foam deck. The plug to attach a leash is pre-fitted.


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