Mullet Fat Cat Softboard


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Mullet Fat Cat Softboard

The Mullet Fat Cat Softboard, with its full shape and rounded curves, is heaps of fun. It’s a great board for a beginner or to mix up your quiver with something purpose built to be fast. Mullet describe the Fat Cat as the Ultimate Shred Sled! While the Mullet softboards are fatter in general, the Fat Cat takes it a step further. It has width from the nose right through to the tail, making for great planning area. This matched with a single concave running the length of the board gives you speed. Whether the waves are clean, sloppy, or foamy you’ll be going noticeably fast. The rail line from behind the nose to the tail is straight so you get a good edge to drive from.

The tail is what Mullet call Clipped, it’s like a crescent tail on a bodyboard so you can pivot from the corners and get release when needed. Its small size is ideal for putting in tight turns, going top to bottom for big moves. The twin-fin setup comes with the Bones and Shanks fin System so hard fins can be swapped in if you’re after more advanced performance. The deck skin is soft, comfortable yet durable. It’s free of fin plugs and screws so you won’t bump your toes or scuff your knees.

Premium construction is a Mullet feature. Double bamboo fibreglass reinforced stringers run through the 100% EPS waterproof core of the board. The compressed core adds strength while retaining light weight. The bottom slick is super fast Xtra Duralinx. Mullet rate the Fat Cat for surfers from Groms up to 80kg.


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