Mullet Biscuit 5’4 Softboard




Mullet Biscuit 5’4 Softboard

The Mullet Biscuit 5’4 Softboard is a fun versatile softboard. It’s great for Beginner and Advanced surfers. Kids will also have a great time. The Biscuit has a great shape with a full nose making wave catching easy. It’s full in the body so will paddle and float great too. This fullness also gives speed. A drawn in tail allows turns. All these features help Beginners and Kids get started. They also help progress their surfing. The refined shape means that Advanced surfers will get everything they need. The full rails and extra float giving heaps of fun. The Biscuit features Quad fin boxes for four fins. These are unusual for a softboard. It means you can start with soft fins, safe for Beginners. Advanced surfers can also then swap the fins. So they can use fins for performance surfing. For the Advanced surfer, the Mullet offers a whole new perspective from their normal board.


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