Mirage Galaxy2 Mask Snorkel Combined




Mirage Galaxy2 Mask Snorkel Combined

The Mirage Galaxy2 Mask Snorkel Combined gives you second generation enhanced full face snorkeling. The mask and snorkel are combined giving you unmatched visibility and comfort. The face mask extends from your forehead to chin. So with the crystal clear face plate you get a super unobstructed view. There is no nose bridge or frame to obstruct your view of ocean life. The snorkel has been fully incorporated into the mask so there’s no uncomfortable mouthpiece. So you breathe normally through your nose and mouth. The snorkel rises un-noticeably above your head from the center of the mask. There is no pressure on the side of your head from the snorkel tube. It’s a whole new sensation to be breathing naturally and easy underwater.

The second generation of the Mirage Mask and Snorkel set includes a new angle to the snorkel. So the chance of inadvertently getting your snorkel blocked with water from dunking your head is greatly reduced. Any water that might dribble in automatically drains away through the special valve at the base of the mask. The mask tends not to fog as there’s more air volume. The one way purge system ensures water only exits the mask. The Mirage Galaxy2 Mask Snorkel Combined is a great new way to enjoy everything the ocean has to offer with incredible view and unsurpassed comfort. Check our Snorkel Gear at Manly Surfboards>Snorkeling Gear


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