Let’s Party Tail Pad




Let’s Party Tail Pad

The Let’s Party Tail Pad gives you great traction for your board. It’s versatile, it can be used on a skim board or surfboard. The pad has a wide rectangular raised arch bar that goes the length of the pad only stopping at the kick. So you get substantial support through this middle area of the pad.

The arch bar also has a grip pattern of offset triangles. So the way this is meant to work is as you move your foot from one rail to the other your toes or heel will be on the arch bar. So the bar itself will also give you great traction along with the sides of the pad.

Squishy Grip

The Let’s Party Tail Pad side pieces have a very low corduroy pattern. This gives a squishy traction feel and makes it easy for you to move your feet. So when you skim board you often jink between forehand and backhand moves and the smoother low pattern facilitates this.

The kick is substantial. It gives you a great almost vertical edge to jam your foot against. It also has a flat section on top so you can get traction when landing airs. Marine grade 3M adhesive keeps your pad attached to your skimboard.

The pad consists of 3 pieces with the two side pieces expanding to fit wide and narrow tail boards. The rear of the Let’s Party Tail Pad can also expand around your deck plug so on a surfboard you can place the pad over your back fin to get great drive. Check our full range of Skim Board Accessories at Manly Surfboard>Skim Boards


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