Land & Sea Bermuda Mask Snorkel Set




Land & Sea Bermuda Mask Snorkel Set

The Land & Sea Bermuda Mask Snorkel Set has everything you need for great snorkeling. Construction is of premium quality silicon. So you get comfort and a great fit. The mask has twin lenses of super clear tempered glass. So you get crystal clear visibility and safety. Tough polycarbonate is used for the mask frame. So you get durability. The mask skirt is non-allergenic silicon, and so is the snorkel mouthpiece. So you get great comfort. The snorkel mouthpiece is also smaller and soft so makes for a gentler bite to hold it. The streamlined splash guard on the snorkel prevents water entry. The snorkel has a specially designed small bore so it’s easier to blow out any water that might enter.

The Land & Sea Bermuda Mask Snorkel Set is a great way to enjoy everything the ocean has to offer in a fun snorkeling set. Land & Sea has a great range of outdoor adventure gear to have you exploring the ocean and all it has to offer. From entry level to advanced mask and snorkel sets, there’s a model to suit you and your budget in their range. Their great value products give you comfort, durability, and a great experience. Check our full range of Snorkeling Gear at Manly Surfboards>Snorkeling Gear


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