Jimmy Lewis Destroyer


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Jimmy Lewis Destroyer

The Jimmy Lewis Destroyer is your versatile fun hybrid. It gives you the best features of a longboard and those of a shortboard. The full nose and flatter entry rocker make for great wave catching. So you can pick up waves with a stroke or two. Having the width up front also makes the board stable. The bottom shape up front is flat adding to stability and predictability. So once on the wave the board will help you go where you want to go. Towards the tail shortboard characteristics prevail. The tail is drawn in so as you shift back you can carve, driving the board off the bottom and down the line. The bottom between the fins has vee so you can more easily get the board on rail going top to bottom too. The board has volume but is short so this helps you throw it around. Construction uses Jimmy Lewis’ multi composite sandwich that incorporates many different material layers to give each board its perfect balance between strength and weight. The Destroyer has durable construction with super high quality finish. It’s described as ‘Maui’s favourite board’. Dimensions are 6’0 x 20 3/4 x 2 1/2 37L.


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