Jay Davies




Creatures of Leisure Jay Davies Tail Pad

The Creatures of Leisure Jay Davies Tail Pad is Jay’s signature grip. What does Jay say? “Love how my pad is super thin and super flat. I asked for Square Loc II due to its low profile and it has a larger kick than regular pads so I’m not worried about my foot slipping off the tail.” If you want a flat grip so you can get the best feel this is it. There’s no arch support so you can easily pivot your foot from heel to toe. This feel is favoured by many surfers. The extra large kick is 35mm so there’s no way your foot can miss it when you’re pushing hard. It has a 3 piece layout which is the most functional of all tail pad designs. The two side pieces can be expanded separately from the middle to cover the rails. There’s a deep incut at the rear of the pad so you can place it closer to the end of your board, around your leg rope plug, so your back foot can be placed right over your back fin for maximum drive. The grip features the enhanced Square Loc II pattern that has a square on square so you get traction not matter what angle your foot is placed. High quality adhesive is used for the backing so the pad will stay put once applied.


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