ION Muse Neokini




ION Muse NeoKini

The ION Muse NeoKini is hot! While there’s bikini’s, there’s nothing like a neoprene NeoKini from Muse. The NeoKini’s neoprene material is soft, supple and form fitting. At the same time it holds its shape giving you the protection you need. The neoprene, with a different look than the lighter common swimwear fabrics, provides a subtle but noticeable statement. For swimming and fun in the sun or a slightly more sporty approach to the beach the NeoKini is a great choice.

The NeoKini can also be worn under your wetsuit providing additional warmth and protection in cooler water temperatures. With a halter top style and 3 point top adjustment the NeoKini will hug your shape. Flat-lock stitching on seams provides for maximum comfort. Flatlock means the stitching is flat against the neoprene so doesn’t stick up so is less likely to rash and provides maximum comfort. The ION Muse Neo Kini gives you a unique look and feel and versatility for both summer and winter. To find out more on how ION Wetsuits can power your surfing check here: ION Wetsuits Core Performance


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