ION Amaze Amp 3/2 Womens Wetsuit FZ




ION Amaze Amp 3/2 Womens Wetsuit FZ

The ION Amaze Womens Wetsuit AMP Front Zip Semidry has great look and style along with high performance features to maximise your surfing. With 2mm super flex arms and 3mm body neoprene, you get a great balance between surf performance and warmth. You get great paddling performance while your body stays warm. The Front-zip entry gives you the maximum flexibility and performance of any type of wetsuits. With no zip your arms have complete freedom of movement and there’s less constraint across your chest. Performance and functionality is further enhanced by high quality neoprene combined with ION’s own Hot_Stuff 2.0 plush inner lining and Seal_Tight water barrier at collar, arms and legs. ION’s Maki_Tape on the inner seams binds all these features together to keep water out and keep you warm and snug for winter conditions. ION’s Amaze Womens Wetsuit redefines fit and performance. There’s a new cut of the panels further aiding paddling and freedom of movement. The leg features a new Single_Seam that is noticeably more flexible. This suit also has its own unique colour so you’ll stylishly stand out on the beach. A great look, great front zip design, along with performance materials make the ION Amaze the women’s wetsuit of choice. To find out more on how ION Wetsuits can power your surfing check here: ION Wetsuits Core Performance


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