Futures Admiral Fiberglass Fin




Futures Admiral Fiberglass Fin The Futures Admiral Fiberglass Fin is a versatile alternative to the trad tall fin. Able to be used across longboards, mini-mals through to eggs and any 2+1 setup you get a unique feel. The template is tall but narrows quickly from the base. This gives you bite on the wave face, hold when its sucky, without the bulk and drag of something bigger. Narrow, area is reduced and this is matched by increasing flex to the tip. These two attributes work together so you get super responsiveness. The fin aids rapid changes of direction. This can be either when you’re doing whippy rail to rail moves or pushing the tail out, the fin flexing then grabbing. Construction is of fibreglass so you get the best characteristics. Drive is maximised from what would otherwise be a narrow template. Flex is delivered in a continuum with no sudden disruption while under load. The fins feature a slideable lock system so placement can be exactly where you want. They’ve got the Futures Truss Base so are extra light. They ‘re designed to break under impact so the risk of injury or board damage is reduced. Specs for the fins in the Admiral range are as follows: 7.5″ Height Base: 4.5″ Area: 22.8″ 8.5″ Height Base: 5.1″ Area: 29.3″ 9.5″ Height


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