FK Tripple Grip




FK Tripple Grip

The FK Tripple Grip gives you solid traction for high performance surfing. Tripple refers to the triple sets of holes and grooves on the pad pieces. These are great so your toes respond to them and dig down giving you extra hold. The grooves, positioned towards the rear of the pad, give the side of your foot an edge to get hold too.

The top pattern is diamond on diamond. This gives you an edge so no matter which way your foot lands you get traction. The Kick is 26mm which is average height and is almost vertical so will give you a lot of drive as you push against it. This is a great tail grip for your surfboard.

The arch bar is 10mm so is almost double the height of a standard surfboard pad arch. This much height helps you go heel-and-toe, so  getting your board on rail for performance turns. The front of the pad is flat assisting foot movement to position forward for speed and barrels or stepping back for carves.

An incut in the rear of the pad allows you to position this tail grip over your surfboard fins. In this way you get maximum drive. FK’s adhesive promises to last the life of the pad. Check our full range of Surfboard Grips at Manly Surfboards>Surfboard Grips


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