FCS PC-5 Slice Tri-Quad Fin Set




FCS PC-5 Blue Slice Tri-Quad Fin Set

The FCS PC-5 Blue Slice Tri-Quad Fin Set is a pack of 5 fins. You get a full PC-5 thruster set along with two rear GX-Q Quad Fin Set. This set is designed so you get super balanced performance. Speed, drive and manoeuvrability are all incorporated in synergy. This is good for all round surfing conditions where you get a mix of suckiness, racing over closeout sections, then cutting back when it’s fat. The ratio in size between the front and rear Quad Fin Set means that the rears will come around easily, not tracking too much. They’ll also release if you’re going more vertical. The rear Quad Fin Setup gives you smoothness and drive but not too much. This allows you to crank a turn when needed. PC refers to the construction of the fin, Performance Core. This has the feel of a traditional fibreglass fin with the added performance of reduced weight. These fins will perform in a wide range of conditions from beach breaks to point breaks. This fin is designed so you get performance in all board types. Specs are as follows: For medium surfers: 65Kg – 80Kg Tri Set Base: 4.37″ / 111.0mm Depth: 4.55″ / 115.0mm Area: 14.76″² / 9525mm² Sweep: 33.0° Foil: IFT Quad Rear: Base: 3.86″ / 98mm Depth: 3.93″ / 100mm Area: 11.07″² / 7140mm² Sweep: 33.2° Foil: 80/20


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