FCS II JF PG Tri Fin Set




FCS II JF PG Tri Fin Set

The FCS II JF PG Tri Fin Set is the signature fin of World Tour carver Jeremy Flores. Matching Jeremy’s surfing, with this fin you can control the power and charge, driving hard off the bottom. You will have the feeling of predictability and stability under your back foot.  On the open face the stiff base and fuller tip will go with you into whipping turns and direction changes. PG refers to the construction of the fin, Performance Glass. The characteristics and flex pattern are identical to traditional fibreglass fins with a stiff base and responsive tip so you get flex, good looks and proven durability. These fins will help you perform in overhead waves with critcal sections where you’re wanting to get up there to smack or carve off the lip. These fins will work best in your performance board with deep concaves and moderate-to-extreme rocker. Note, the FCS II JF PG Tri Fin Set is for exclusive use with the FCS II Fin System. It will not fit in the traditional FCS Dual Plug System. Fin Specs are as follows: Base: 4.65″ / 118mm Depth: 4.58″ / 116mm Area: 14.96″² / 9652 mm² Sweep: 33.7° Foil: Flat


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