FCS II AM PC Tri-Quad Retail Fins




FCS II AM PC Tri-Quad Fin Set

The FCS II AM PC Tri-Quad Fin Set is the signature fin of one of surfing’s all-time great shapers, Al Merrick. Al was long time shaper to Kelly Slater so you know this fin has to be good. This set includes a total of 5 fins. There’s a complete thruster set and a set of quad rears so you get a very versatile fin setup. The quads add a more down the line carving feel. AM fins are designed to make your surfing radical and progressive. The way they do this is by being super fast but also supportive of big changes of direction. Speed is achieved through the advanced rake of the side fins so you get exceptional acceleration and drive. The AM combines this speed with a small centre fin, so you can plant your foot to get quick release through turns. There’s a flat foil on the inside of the outer fins so you get control and predictability. PC refers to the construction of the fin, Performance Core, that has the feel of a traditional fibreglass fin with the added performance of reduced weight. It will help you perform your best in hollow steep waves and punchy beach breaks.  This fin is designed so you can get the best from your performance board with extra concave and extra rocker. Note, the FCS II AM PC Tri-Quad Fin Set is for exclusive use with the FCS II Fin System so will not fit in the traditional FCS Dual Plug System.

Fin Specs

Specs are as follows: Medium Red 65 – 80Kg / 145 – 175 Lbs Base: 4.55″ / 116mm Depth: 4.52″ / 115mm Area: 14.89″² / 9608mm² Sweep: 36.6º Foil: Flat Centre Base: 4.34″ / 110mm Depth: 4.41″ / 112mm Area: 13.72″² / 8852mm² Sweep: 35.0º Rear Base: 3.83″ / 97mm Depth: 3.99″ / 101mm Area: 11.08″² / 7150mm² Sweep: 32.4º   Large Blue 75 – 90Kg / 165 – 200 Lbs Side Base: 4.61″ / 117mm Depth: 4.70″ / 119mm Area: 15.63″² / 10083mm² Sweep: 36.3º Foil: Flat Centre Base: 4.47″ / 113mm Depth: 4.45″ / 113mm Area: 14.68″² / 9469mm² Sweep: 38.6º Rear Base: 4.09″ / 104mm Depth: 4.26″ / 108mm Area: 12.63″² / 8150mm² Sweep: 32.4º  


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