FCS ARC PC Tri-Quad Retail Fins




FCS ARC PC Tri-Quad Fin Set

The FCS ARC PC Tri-Quad Fin Set is a pack of 5 fins. You get a full thruster set along with two rear fins for Quad Fin Setup. This set is designed so you get radical progressive surfing. Exceptional speed and drive are delivered via the two large side fins. As you push into turns the fins are solid directing water energy. Going into a change of direction, the rear fins are smaller so you get release and quick response. This is good for hollow sucky waves. You get the speed to race the sections then the release to cut back. The ratio in size between the front and rear Quad Fin Set means that the rears will come around easily, not tracking too much. They’ll also release if you’re going more vertical. PC refers to the construction of the fin, Performance Core, that has the feel of a traditional fibreglass fin with the added performance of reduced weight. The fins have a honeycomb core. FCS advise these fins will perform best in boards with deep concaves and moderate-to-extreme rocker.

Specs are as follows:

Medium – for medium surfers: 65Kg – 80Kg Tri Set Side Fins Base: 4.55″ / 116mm Depth: 4.52″ / 115mm Area: 14.89″² / 9608mm² Sweep: 36.6º Foil: Flat Tri Set Centre Fin: Base: 4.​37″ / 11​1mm Depth: 4.​37″ / 11​1mm Area: 13.71″² / ​8846mm² Sweep: 3​5.​5º Foil: Flat Quad Rear Base: 4.​10″ / 104mm Depth: 4.​26″ / 1​08mm Area: 1​2.64″² / ​8158mm² Sweep: 32.4º Foil: Flat —- Large – for large surfers: 75Kg – 90Kg Tri Set Side Fins Base: 4.​​​61″ / 11​7mm Depth: 4.​​70″ / 11​​​9mm Area: 1​5.63″² / ​​10083mm² Sweep: 36.3º Foil: Flat Tri Set Centre Fin Base: 4.​​47″ / 11​​​4mm Depth: 4.​45″ / 11​​3mm Area: 1​​4.68″² / ​9469mm² Sweep: 3​8.6º Foil: Flat Quad Rear Base: Base: 4.​10″ / 104mm Depth: 4.​26″ / 1​08mm Area: 1​2.64″² / ​8158mm² Sweep: 32.4º Foil: Flat  


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