Exile EX0 Fibreglass Skim board




Exile EX0 Fibreglass Skim Board

The Exile EX0 Fibreglass Skim Board gives you high performance and super fun. Unlike traditional skimboards made of wood the EX0 has a fibreglass outer and foam core. So it’s super light. Epoxy construction means you get great strength. When you throw your board down it’s so light it almost hovers on the water waiting for you to jump on and charge.

The foam and epoxy give the EX0 Skim Board great flex. So when you ride the board it will respond to your foot pressure and movements. Stepping forward and back will bring your nose down or up so you can get high speed or do pivoting turns. Weighting to the left or right will give you great carves.

Special attention has been given to the EX0’s construction. There’s no seam where the fibreglass wraps around your board. The rails are seamless so they’ll flow and won’t catch. The EX0 gives you an egg shape.

The widest point distributes your weight most effectively in the area where you stand so you get high speed. The snub tail is great for fast scooting turns. Exile Skimboards are some of the best fiberglass Skimboard designs in Australia.

How Exile EX0 Works

If you’re not sure what it’s all about here’s a quick overview of how the EX0 works. Skimboards are normally used to catch waves right on the shore. They’re not designed to paddle and so are tiny compared to a normal surfboard.

The way they work is that you run on the sand right where the waves wash up. When there’s a thin layer of water washed up over the sand you throw your board down and jump on. So the board’s surface area and your speed keep you from sinking. The board glides at high speed where there’s barely any water, where you’d think it impossible to surf.

As you become proficient you can skim from the sand out to the shore break and do big surfing turns on the waves using your skim speed. It’s a heap of fun. Check our full range of Exile Skim Boards and fiberglass skimboard Australia designs at Manly Surfboards>Skim Boards


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