Elnino Cruiser Softboard




Elnino Cruiser Softboard

The Elnino Cruiser Softboard gives you super fun in a Beginner’s Softboard. It has a full shape so is easy to paddle, catch waves and to cruise on. The outline follows a gentle curve to the tail. This curve fits in the wave so you can flow down the line, easing around foaming sections and speeding across open waves.

The tail is a full square shape so will plane across slow parts of the wave and maintain your speed. All this means that it’s a great softboard to get started with and will give room for progression.

The Elnino Cruiser Soft Board has an EPSHG core that’s 100% waterproof. So you get great durability. Rigidity comes from one or more fibre stringers, depending on model size, further adding to longevity. The stringers keep the board from over bending in the power of the wave.

An HDPE high density polyethylene bottom is super slick aiding your speed. NXL decking finishes the top of the board providing paddling comfort and grip while being durable. The Elnino Cruiser is a great board for surfers of all ages and skill levels.

It comes in a great range such as the Elnino Cruiser 66, Elnino Cruiser 7 Softboard, Elnino Cruiser Softboard 8 0. Check our full range of Sofboards at Manly Surfboards>Softboards

Sizes are as follows: 6’6 Width: 21 3/4 Thick: 2 3/4 volume: 53L Width: 22 Thick: 2 7/8 Volume: 63L 7’6 Width: 22 1/2 Thick: 3 1/4 Volume: 76L 8’0 Width: 22 1/2 Thick: 3 1/4 Volume: 82Litres


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