ECS Bulldog PU 2 Surfboard




ECS Bulldog PU 2 Surfboard

The ECS Bulldog PU 2 Surfboard is a super versatile design to give you high performance in most conditions. It’s so versatile ECS describe it as your one board quiver. Their most tested design it delivers great performance across a wide range of waves. You get great paddling and wave catching from a fuller nose. This aids planning into waves and gives momentum so you get great entry into steep drop. Extra volume under your chest also aids paddling and gives you good float. So as your driving into turns your front foot won’t bog. Floating a little higher you’ll get extra speed and this extra volume gives great speed across flatter and fatter sections especially in small waves.

High Tech

The ECS Bulldog PU 2 Surfboard has a single concave the length of the board. This gives you great water flow equating to high speed. To manage all this speed and give you versatility and control for more powerful and bigger waves the tail pulls into a nice rounded pin. This means that when you put your weight back over the tail you’ll get bite to hold into  steep faces. So you’ll be able to direct your board where you want rather than only being able to turn where the wave lets you. PU means the board is made of traditional foam, so it sits more in the wave not on it. This means you get a feeling of control and connection with the wave not often found in epoxy EPS boards. High tech materials are used in the construction included Sicomin resin that keeps your board white and biaxial fibreglass on the deck that gives you high strength with low weight. A nice feature is added fin box reinforcement. The ECS Bulldog PU 2 Surfboard is a great all round performer. Check our full range of performance Shortboards at Manly Surfboards>Shortboards


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