DaFin Delux Padded Fin Savers




DaFin Delux Padded Fin Savers

The DaFin Delux Padded Fin Savers give you great safety for your fins and comfy fit at the same time. These fin savers are not just a leash. Instead they give you an innovative cuff that fits over your fin strap and secures to your ankle. The fin cuff is lined and padded so you get a comfortable fit and wear when kicking with your fins.

If your fins are a little loose then the padding will give you a snug fit. Another strap comes over the top of your foot and connects the fin savers around your ankles. So from the back of your foot, around your fin straps to the front of your foot your whole setup is secure.

Construction of the DaFin Delux Padded Fin Savers is heavy duty material so they won’t wear or degrade. The fitting is adjustable so you get extra length if needed to fit over your socks or booties. You can pull the adjustment tight ensuring a snug fit.

The ergonomically designed adjustment clip gives quick release and closure even when wearing gloves. The cool logo and artwork emblazoned on the back of the cuff let’s you know you’re wearing some Hawaiian style gear. Check our full range of Bodyboard Fins and Gear at Manly Surfboards>Bodyboard Fins


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