Creatures Mitch Coleborn Tail Pad




Creatures of Leisure Mitch Coleborn Tail Pad

The Creatures of Leisure Mitch Coleborn Tail Pad has Mitch’s signature charger features. What’s he say about it? “This year we worked a lot on the design and colour of my pads as well as the performance side of things. Stoked on how it’s all come together.” Mitch’s pad has a 3 piece layout which is a functional design. The two side pieces can be expanded separately from the middle. They can be placed closer to the rails so both narrow and wide tail boards get optimal coverage. The centre piece has a 7mm raised arch. In the form of a tear drop it sculpts to the bottom of your foot so you can apply power. The tail has a raised 28mm kick that flattens out on top to an edge so you can get your foot right over the back fin. A circular incut means you can place this grip closer to the end of your board, around your leg rope plug. This also helps you get  your back foot right back over the fin for maximum drive. The grip features a Square Loc pattern. These are squares raised up from the base so your toes will have a definite ridge on which to grip. They also provide traction not matter what angle your foot is placed. High quality adhesive is used for the backing so the pad will stay put once applied.  


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