Creatures Grom Poncho




Creatures Grom Poncho

The Creatures Grom Poncho gives your kids a great garment for the beach and just hanging out. It’s 100% cotton velour so is eco and natural as well as being super comfy. The velour is super absorbent sucking up water so it doesn’t end up on your car seats or around the home. Down the beach this is the most handy thing for kids to wear.

It’s a simple easy slip on over the head. So there’s no buttons or zips to fiddle with and break. There’s also no sleeves so its slides on super easily. For sun and wind protection this is a great hoodie. There’s fat pockets at the front so great for storing wax, leash, anything your kids need.

The Creatures Grom Poncho is versatile. So your kids can wear it on the way down to the beach, and when wet coming back from the beach. At the beach the poncho can cover up over a change into swimmers or wetsuit. Sizing is generous so it’s one size fits all. The dimensions are: length – 89cm (35 3/4″), width – 73cm (28 3/4″).

So it covers from the shoulders to the knees. Being sleeveless gives great functionality making it easy for your kids to carry their surfboards or bodyboards without them slipping out of their arms. The artwork is up beat and fun and your kids will love it. Check our full range of Kids Beachwear at Manly Surfboards>Beachwear


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